Strawberry Picking Season. Where To Pick In Central Maine
Summer finally kicks off Wednesday, and it's ripe for strawberry picking season. Not only is Pick Your Own a great family activity, I've also found it can be an economical way to  have fruit year round. By freezing strawberries and blueberries, I haven't opened a door in the froz…
Summer's Here, Watch For Cycles.
In case you hadn't noticed, the unofficial start to summer has come and gone. You may have not realized this, since temps still dip back into the 40's, and heaters and blankets still haven't been packed away for the um, summer.
Let Your Zodiac Sign Choose Your Next Vacation
I saw an interesting article at that mapped out what vacations would best suit you based on your zodiac sign. So, I had to checkout what they had to say about my zodiac sign. I'm a Virgo (Sept.22nd) last day of being a Virgo, so I also looked at Libra as well.
Maine Highways Ain't So Bad
Having traveled from Maine to Pennsylvania recently I have to say some of the best highways I travels on where right here in Maine.
Sebago Lake, ME On Best Vacation Spot List
The summer vacation season starts in nine days, but who's counting? Maine is Vacationland and it seems like the word is out. The website has complied their list of the 'Best Vacation Spots in the US for Relaxing'. One Maine location made the list.
Andy Capwell's Vacation Recap
As many of you know, I was on vacation last week. I really only had a few things planned. It started off with a kickoff party on Sunday afternoon. It went great. Three of my best friends were there and it was good to catch up and enjoy some food and fun.
Help Andy Capwell Plan His Vacation!
I have vacation starting on Sunday, July 12th. I'll be starting my vacation with a party, I'll have  a few friends over for a BBQ. After that, I need your help Bee Nation! I am looking for your suggestions for day trips I can take during my week off.

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