A good old fashioned snowstorm can bring out the crazy in all of us, especially a Bangor man, who decided to strip off his clothes and take spin down his driveway on his ATV...naked.
Bee Battle
There's a reason Trent Harmon was the final winner of American Idol, the guy has the goods and the fans, they have voted Trent to his first win in the Bee Battle with a convincing win over Maren Morris. We had over 28,000 votes this week in the Bee Battle and Trent received over 90 percent…
Bee Battle
It was a record setting vote total in this past week's Bee Battle. Chris Young fans tried to break the internet, as they cast 94,500 votes to clinch Chris' new song 'Sober Saturday Night' into the Bee Battle Hall of Fame. Chris Young 94,500 Trent Harmon 57,281 votes and 103 for o…
Bee Battle
Chris Young is well on his way for the Bee Battle Hall of Fame, Chris just scored his third win this week, as his song 'Sober Saturday Night' won against Gary Allan's new song 'Do You Wish It Was Me?'. This week Chris Young goes for win number four against a new song from Mi…
Bee Battle
In one of our closest voting results in the history of the Bee Battle, Craig Campbell is the new champion. Craig Campbell got 17,326 votes over LoCash with 15,745 votes. Craig Campbell will now go for win number two against newcomer Brett Young.
Keifer Sutherland Releases Country Video
Maine T.V. fans and country music fans may be interested to hear that 24 star Keifer Sutherland has gone country. Sutherland just released his first country music video, a song called ‘Not Enough Whiskey’.
Bee Battle!
The latest Bee Battle was epic, we had over 65,000 votes as the fan bases of Chris Lane , Chris Young and Cassadee Pope showed their support. In the end, our champion Chris Lane with 'Fix' lost out to Chris Young & Cassadee Pope with 'Think Of You' by a count of 58% …
Some of the Most Shocking World Records
If you ever thought about breaking a world record, here’s your chance to see if you can measure-up to some these ‘shocking’ record. I don’t think I would try or be able to try to do any of these.

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