It was a record setting vote total in this past week's Bee Battle. Chris Young fans tried to break the internet, as they cast 94,500 votes to clinch Chris' new song 'Sober Saturday Night' into the Bee Battle Hall of Fame. Chris Young 94,500 Trent Harmon 57,281 votes and 103 for other. That's 151,884 votes, our old record was over 60,000 votes in a week.

That makes Chris Young a two-time Bee Battle Hall of Fame inductee. Think Of You with Cassadee Pope won five weeks in a row.

Trent Harmon fans also voting in a massive way with 57,281 votes in the loss to Chris Young, but the vote totals were so overwhelming, that we are having Trent Harmon back this week to take on Maren Morris in this week's Bee Battle.

Here's this weeks Bee Battle:

Challenger #1: Trent Harmon 'There's A Girl'

Chalenger #2: Maren Morris '80's Mercedes'

Listen to both songs and vote for your favorite. Voting will go through Tuesday, July 12th.