Washington Redskins

What Should The NFL Do?
The NFL has been playing games in England since 2007 and they will again next season. That has led to this political hot potato in England. Two Labour Party members have written the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to complain about Washington's nickname of 'The Redskins'.
Washington Redskins, Angus King, NFL
Fifty U.S. Senators, including Angus King from Maine, have urged the National Football League to endorse a name change for the Washington Redskins. They state that the team's name is a racial slur.
Andy Capwell’s NFC Football Predictions
There is only one more preseason game left and it's time to start looking at what teams will contend and who are pretenders. In my AFC predictions, I have Houston and Cincinnati in the AFC Championship game. Here's my look at the NFC.