Over the last year and a half, we have seen the price of real estate skyrocket.  Even though the price of housing has leveled off a little, it is still almost impossible to find a home in Central Maine for less than $100,000.

Well, if you have been looking for a fixer-upper, or a house that you can flip, this place could be perfect for you.

According to Realtor.com, the home at 202 Water Street in Waterville encompasses 904 square feet and sits on a 2,600 square foot lot.  The home was built in 1880.  It has five rooms (2 to 3 bedrooms, living room, etc), and a small bathroom.

The driveway is paved and has up to 4 parking spaces.

Because of its location, it would be a great buy for a family that likes to walk places (or only be a few minutes drive from places).  It is a short walk from the Grove Street Playground, a few minutes' drive from Gifford's, and a short walk from all that downtown Waterville has to offer - stores, restaurants, bars.

Take a look...

202 Water Street, Waterville

As of October of 2021, the price for the house was just under $70,000. Check out the listing HERE

Yes, the place needs some work, so you would need to be the right person to buy it.  A contractor, a retiree who loves DIY projects, or a young adult looking for a way to build equity.

With a list price of $69,900, your mortgage would be a lot less than the rent on any 3 bedroom apartment.  If you were able to put $17,000 down, you'd only have to pay about $350 per month.  That includes mortgage, insurance, taxes, etc.

Interested?  Get more details HERE

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