It is tax time!  Even with the COVID-19 situation, yes, taxes still need to be filed. According to Business Insider, there is some relief IF you owe the IRS money. They said you will have 90 days to pay without any interest or penalties if it is less than one million dollars.  That is to help small businesses, not just individuals. 

Now I went to to check it out and their last press release was from a few days ago. It is tax time and now the coronavirus issues I am sure they just are a little behind on getting that up online. 

As far as filing on time....most of us have the tools we need at our disposal. I can tell you that at they have LOTS of ways you can do this tax thing online, set up a payment arrangement, print the forms and all that fun stuff.  There are also many ways to file that you can manage from with many companies that specialize in taxes. 

And IF you need to files after April 15 then you will need need to file an extension. (That is form 4868).

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