It seems like every few days we hear about another Mainer losing a chunk of money to a scammer.  Often, these plays are obvious scams.

People fall for those "obvious" scams everyday because, the ones that seem like obvious scams are often the ones that prey on people's concern for loved ones.  People claiming to be from a law enforcement agency, telling the the target of the scam that their loved one has been arrested and needs you to pay their bail.

Other times, the scams are more sophisticated and "make sense" to the potential victim.

The following is one of those cases.

According to WGME, the FBI is warning people about a potential scam that a Maine couple recently fell victim to.  In the end, that couple lost $1.1 million to the scammers.

The couple saw a popup on their computer that told them their computer had been breached and that there was a chance that their financial information had been compromised. The popup, presumably, was caused by malware that had been installed on the computer or the people accidentally navigated to a website that contained the popup..

The popup informed them about the breach and instructed the couple to call someone supposedly from Fidelity.  They were told to wire $1.1 million from their retirement account to "Coinbase," along with a home equity line of credit for safekeeping.  Once the transaction had been completed, the scammers ghosted the victims.

While these people lost a massive amount of money, Mainers are getting taken every few days.  The article explains that the FBI reports that, in the last year, over 100 Maine residents lost a total of $673,000.

The FBI has some suggestions to protect yourself from scammers.  Check out their tips HERE

While we normally think of our older loved ones being taken more frequently by scams, the opposite is true.  Millenials are far more likely to lose money to scammers.  However, our older loved ones are much more likely to lose large sums of money to scammers.

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