Tesla. I'm sure you have heard of them...that electric car company with that eclectic owner, Elon Musk. He also is into space travel judging by one of his other interests, SpaceX. So, perhaps it may come as no surprise to you that he also decided to  launched his own line of Tesla Tequila at $250 a bottle.

By the way, it sold out in just a few hours. The Tesla Store shows us glimpse of the lightening bolt bottle. According to the description,

"Tesla Tequila comes with a stand, and is "an exclusive, small-batch premium 100% de agave tequila añejo made from sustainably sourced agaves"

Other Tesla Tequila facts, it's 40% alcohol, it has been aged for 15 months in French oak barrels, and once you taste it, you will be tickled with flavors of fruit, vanilla, cinnamon, and pepper.

Unlike VW who makes sausages next door to where they have one of their car factories, Tesla subs out production of their brand name spirit to California-based Nosotros.

It might be good to know, Nosotros produces something very similar for quite a bit less money, under $50 in fact but. you will have to forgo that snazzy lightening bolt bottle.

If you just must have the full deal....well, there is always E-bay.


If you do decide to go that route, watch the ad closely as many are just selling the bottle minus the tequila! Hey, that's not fair.

Well, I highly doubt that I will ever get my hands on some but if you...let me know how it was, and how cool that bottle is. Maybe Damons Beverage & Redemption will run into a few bottles somewhere, somehow...hint...hint!

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