9-1-1- call if you can, text if you can't. That is the big take away.  If you can call for 9-1-1 assistance that is the best.  But that is not always possible due to safety reasons. SO, Maine is one of a handful of states where you CAN do this.

According to a story in govtech.com "text-to-911 is intended primarily for use in specific emergency scenarios: for individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired, and for those unable to make a voice call, for example, during a medical emergency that renders the person incapable of speech, or in the instance of a home invasion or abduction."

Please note a phone to call 911 is still the most efficient way to get help! 

If you need to text make sure you give your exact location (every detail you can share) and the reason you are texting in the FIRST TEXT.  And use the real words, do not use text abbreviations or slang, this will let you be as clear as possible.

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