Sure, enjoying a glass of wine with dinner is nice. Or going to a fancy tasting complete with cheeses you've never heard of. But how about taking things up a notch this fall by drinking wine as you make your way through a corn maze?

Pumpkin Valley Farm located at 100 Union Falls Rd in Dayton is offering that very experience on Friday, September 20th from 6 pm-8 pm.

Thinkstock Photo
Thinkstock Photo

According to Pumpkin Valley Farm's website, visitors will have the opportunity to work their way through the winding corn maze which will feature five wine stations scattered throughout. Don't worry if you work up an appetite though, in addition to wine, each station will also have chocolate!

The featured wines have not been announced yet, but you can stay up to date on the event by following their Facebook event page..

So call up the ladies, throw on some flannel and Bean Boots, and venture to Dayton, Maine for a girls night out on Friday, September 20th! This is a ticketed event and, obviously, you have to be at least 21 to participate. Tickets are available here.

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