I want to start off my day by saying thank you to the Dunkin' employee that messed up my coffee order this morning. I'm not being spiteful by saying thank you, I really am thankful.

I'm thankful because, I woke up this morning with a terrible mindset, I cried hard, I had a panic attack while my house was silent as everyone else was still sleeping and just felt like there was nothing I could possibly think of that would change my day around to be better.

I've been in a personal mind struggle with myself for weeks. Back up let’s be real, it's been months.  Months. Can you imagine being stuck in your own head for months? Let alone all while taking on a new career path, being a mom and a teacher, a personal chef and a wife?

I know I'm not alone in this, I know you're out there struggling and and you need to know neither are you. With the Pandemic and the world spiraling out of control faster than any of us could have ever imagined, it sure is hard to look at life in a positive light. So, we need to make it our job to find the little joyous moments in life and appreciate them for what they are.

I could have been upset over my coffee being made Iced when I asked for hot. But I honestly didn't even notice there was a mistake until I got to the drive thru window and the Dunkin' employee said "You normally get Hot; you did want Hot coffee, right?".

I kindly said “yes”, but was willing to settle on the iced coffee thinking it was customer error. Nope she gave me both, the hot coffee I ordered and the Iced one that was made in miscommunication. She surely didn't have to do that, so I thanked her and went on my way.

What said Dunkin' employee didn't realize was that I needed to see "good in the world" today, she had no idea the type of morning or months I've had. She was that "good in the world" I needed to see and I am so thankful I got to witness a sliver of her generosity.

She was the little piece of joy I found in today, the joy I needed and yeah sure, two coffees didn't hurt either.

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