Even though we have had food trucks in Maine for decades, it has only been in the last few years that the state has gone through a food truck revolution.  It seems like the pandemic, and its social distancing requirements, just ramped up that revolution.  In just a few years, we went from seeing places that served chicken fingers and hot dogs, to food trucks serving gourmet mac & cheese, Pad Thai, and more.

One of the more recent additions to Central Maine's food truck scene is Augusta - based Shawarma Express.  You'll typically find them parked at the old convenience store across from Dunkin' on Western Avenue.

On Tuesday evening, October 18, the food truck's staff showed us all just what a great addition they are to our community.

According to a Facebook post by the owner / operator of Steel House Oven, another food truck, as they were waiting in line at Shawarma Express, the man in front of her explained that he was homeless and hungry.  When it was his turn to order, he explained to the man inside the food truck (who we can assume is owner Mohammed) his current situation and asked if he could have something to eat.

The Facebook poster explained that, without hesitation, the operator of the food truck agreed to give the man something to eat.  He even agreed to give the man a second wrap before he had even been given the first one.

The Facebook post says, in part:

He told the food truck owner that we was homeless and hungry and asked if he could get something to eat. As I watched with anticipation of what the owner would do, without any second of a hesitation he said yes and then proceeded to take my order. As both the young man and I were waiting for our food we got talking. He told me of his struggles and how he got to where he was. He even asked Shawarma Express for a 2nd sandwich before they could even get him the first one he requested. For a second time, the owner without even blinking an eye said yes he could do that for him.

You can read the whole post HERE

If you are looking for something a little different for your next meal, you definitely need to give Shawarma Express a try.  Because I really love fried foods, one of my favorite things they offer is the falafel.

Check out their Facebook page for more

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