Weather-wise, the last few months have really been a roller coaster ride, haven't they?  We had a heatwave the first week of November, followed by a month and a half of really mild weather.  We had a bit of a Nor'Easter just before Christmas.  No real snow, just a lot of wind and rain.

Then, we had that massive storm on January 23rd.  During that storm, which seemed to last an entire day, many places got way more than a foot of snow.

Then, of course, we had to deal with that brutal deepfreeze.  It was not pleasant dealing with temperatures that were near -17 (-45 with the wind chill).

So, it probably did not come as much of a surprise that that Pennsylvanian groundhog called for an additional six weeks of winter.  It looks like that rodent may have been wrong, though.

According to, we have a few really spring-like days coming up.

Following the snow and rain we are supposed to get on Thursday night, we have a few nice days coming up in the next week.

Friday will be partly sunny with a high that could reach the lower 50s!   The weekend and the first part of the next week will be more winter-like, but the warm weather returns the middle of next week.

Zac Durant via Unsplash
Zac Durant via Unsplash

From Wednesday, February 15th through Friday, February 17th, the Augusta area will see high temps in the middle to upper 40s.

Not surprisingly, the weather on the coast will be even warmer.  Sure, it won't be a heatwave, but the Rockland-area could see temperatures in the lower 50s during a handful of days in the next week.

Of course, just because we are seeing warm temps in the next week, it does not mean we won't see a winter deepfreeze later this month.  All we can do is enjoy the warm weather while we have it.

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