Are you ready for a haunted good time? Then make sure to check out "The Haunted Trail of Livermore"

This event is a family favorite and you can enjoy this spooky trail and feel good knowing you are supporting the local Spruce Mountain High School Scholarship fund.

This is NOT a MSU 73 event. It's the local high schoolers and parents that put it together in it's entirety and it's also the local high schoolers and parents who preform the haunt!

The thing I like best about The Haunted Trail of Livermore is All the money goes to local charities, like All sports boosters and the scholarship fund for seniors.

PLUS last year The Haunted Trail of Livermore did a large donation to Camp Out Hunger, our annual food drive that was matched!! Truly a win-win for all involved.

Get your plans together now. The Haunted Trail of Livermore will run Friday and Saturday nights 7pm to 10pm - weather permitting. Tickets are $15.00 each. It's always preferred to call ahead or text to reserve ahead of time.

The plan is to have The Haunted Trail of Livermore open beginning 10/16. So plan for these dates....10/16, 10/22, 10/23, 10/29, 10/30, 10/31.

There will also be a day walk on Halloween for the little ones or scaredy pants. Plus, a special fright Halloween night.

The Haunted Trail of Livermore may even open sooner if all the decorations and haunts are in place before then. Keep an eye on the official Facebook page for The Haunted Trail of Livermore for more details or check out the website by CLICKING HERE.

In preparation for this event they are always looking for:

Stockade fence
Chainlink fence
Wood – 2x4s 4x4s plywood
Decorations – Scary only

Donations are always welcome as are sponsors to help pay for supplies. Keep in mind, 100% of ticket sales goes to scholarships and charity. If you would like to donate, email for more information.

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