We have some really great brewfests in the State of Maine.  And, it seems like every other week, we are getting a new one.  It is really kind of hard to find a decent sized town or city in the state that is not doing at least one brewfest.

One of the oldest brewfests is one of the best in all of Maine.

Swine & Stein, which takes over downtown Gardiner, has been around since 2009.  That makes this year's brewfest the 14th time they have done the event.  That is, assuming they took 2020 off, as most events did.

The event is really more than just a brewfest, though.  It is a massive downtown party.

In addition to getting the chance to sample all kinds of great local and regional brews, guests will have the chance to eat great food from local restaurants and food trucks.  Putting the "swine" into the event, many of the eateries will feature a specialty pork menu item.

There will also be great bands performing all day long.  Those will be announced a little closer to the event.

There'll also be games and contests throughout the day.  For example, in the past they have held a frozen t-shirt contest and a facial hair competition.

Brittani Burns / Unsplash
Brittani Burns / Unsplash

The event is held during Columbus Day / Indigenous People's Day weekend.  That means this year's event will be held from Noon to 5 on Saturday, October 7th.

Tickets are not on sale yet (as of August 9th), but they will be going on sale soon.  When they do, you can purchase them HERE

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