In many ways, when it comes to traffic, we are really lucky here in Maine.  Yes, during the summer (in a normal year), we do see the occasional traffic backup.  But, compared to places like Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, we don't really have crazy traffic problems.  if you spend more than a few minutes in gridlock, it is probably because there is an accident ahead.

That being said, we still do have our share of traffic accidents.  And, not surprisingly, some intersections are way more prone to accidents than others.

Based on data from the Maine Department of Transportation, these are some of the most-dangerous intersections in Central Maine.  Keep in mind, the data for this list comes from 2018 and 2019.  As 2020 has been significantly different when it comes to commutes to work and leisure drives, there's a chance that some of these intersections could be less accident-prone than they would be in a normal year.

The Most Dangerous Intersections In Central Maine

Not surprisingly, many of the dangerous intersections are located near shopping plazas and high-traffic restaurants.  And, looking deeper into the specifics of the accident zones, the accidents near fast food restaurants typically happen more frequently around breakfast and lunch.

In your opinion, what are the most dangerous intersections in your town?  Message us through our app or message us on Facebook.  Or, you can take a look at the intersections where accidents most frequently happen in your town by clicking HERE.


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