If you think New England is the part of the country with no weird laws about what you can name your baby, think again.

Believe it or not (no, we are not Ripley's), some states in the Northeast have laws about baby names, and some of these rules don't seem that unreasonable.

Before you puff up and proclaim "nobody is going to tell me what I can't name my baby", think about how silly that statement sounds.  When you hear what the laws say, you may change your tune a bit and chill.

Valeria Zoncoll via Unsplash.com
Valeria Zoncoll via Unsplash.com

According to TheBump.com, there are a number of states (in fact, most states) that have written laws about baby names, so let's explore what the verbiage is, as quoted from TheBump.com.


You may choose any name in Connecticut, so long as it’s “not for fraudulent or nefarious purposes and does not infringe on the rights of another person,” and it uses English characters.



Only letters found on the standard English keyboard may be used in baby names in Massachusetts. So sorry, no æ, ë or ñ.

Also, in Massachusetts, you cannot have a baby's first, middle, and last name be more than 40 characters, according to USBirthCertificates.com.

Saiid Bel via Unsplash.com
Saiid Bel via Unsplash.com

New Hampshire

First, middle and last names must be within 100 characters total.


Rhode Island

Diacritical marks can’t be used on a birth certificate. But the state allows parents to use Aña or Zoë on other documents.


Vermont says, “You may use trademarked names (IBM), diseases (Anthrax), and obscenities, but we highly recommend against it.”

Nattalia Nunez via unsplash.com
Nattalia Nunez via unsplash.com

If you are trying to decide what to name your baby, check your state laws.  You don't want to find out that your new baby's name is banned or prohibited in your state.

These laws are in place to protect children, so don't get too upset.

Also, if you are wondering about the state of Maine, there are no baby naming laws in place.

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