Here are some celebrity facts, from Fox News; you may not know about your favorite star. Pierce Brosnan, star of James Bond movies started out as a fire eater and worked in a circus for years. Kate Upton, the swimsuit model, doesn’t need a job as a model as she’s already quite rich; her great- grandfather was one of the original founders of Whirlpool. Richard Gere was a gymnast in his younger days and offered a gymnastics scholarship at the University of New Hampshire. Mr. Rogers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood wore sweaters all the time that were knitted by his mother.


Jennifer Lopez got her start as a Fly Girl on 'In Living Color.' Geena Davis, star of many films, is an archery expert being one of thirty-two women to qualify for the U.S A. Archery Team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and Harrison Ford was working as a carpenter at a Hollywood studio when George Lucas asked him to read as a stand-in for Hans Solo in Star Wars and he got the part. Henry Winkler, The Fonz from Happy Days, helped create and produce the hit show McGyver.

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