Hollywood Stars With and Without Makeup
It’s always interesting to see Hollywood stars with and without their makeup on. Some of these stars look really good without makeup, on the other hand, some…ehh…not so good.
Stars We Lost This Year
With the resent passing of Leonard Nimoy at the age of 83, it started me thinking about who we lost in 2014 and the early part of 2015. Some names on the list you may know and some you may not.
Notable Deaths From 2013
It was quite a list of celebrity deaths in 2013, former South African President and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Nelson Mandela passed away in this month of the 5th. Imprisoned for 27 years from 1964 to 1982, became the first black president in South African history in 1994.
Sharon’s First Sign of Fall
Getting up so early in the morning it's still pitch black outside. When I go out to start my car I stop for a moment and look up at the sky. I LOVE seeing the Milky Way and all the stars. Living out in the country has its advantages.
But this morning I saw something I was not too excited about.
Things You May Not Know About Your Favorite Stars
Here are some celebrity facts, from Fox News; you may not know about your favorite star. Pierce Brosnan, star of James Bond movies started out as a fire eater and worked in a circus for years. Kate Upton, the swimsuit model, doesn’t need a job as a model as she’s already quite rich; her great- grand…