There are some things that are unique to Maine, things you probably won’t be able to find or do in any other state. Even if there are some things you can find in other states, but it won’t be the same as what you would get in Maine.

 --If you are at the summit of Cadillac Mountain between mid-October and early march you will be the first to see the first sunrise in America.

--Nowhere else will see so many lighthouse’s. There are more than 60 in Maine with the Portland Head Light said to be the most photographed lighthouse in America.

--The Appalachian Trail runs through many states but Maine is home to what is said to be the hardest portion of the entire trail. The last 100 miles of the trail is through the Maine wilderness.

--Believe it or not Maine has the least expensive average car insurance in the county. The national average is around $1,300 but in Maine it’s around $800.

--Maine has the nation’s first incorporated city in the United States. York became the nation’s first official city in 1642.

--The best lobster you will find anywhere. You just can find lobster that tastes as good as you will find in Maine.

--Moxie, Mainers either love it or hate it but you won’t fir it anywhere but here.

I’m sure there are a lot of things you unique to Maine, some people love the summers, some people love the winter and others prefer fall. Whatever it is you enjoy about Maine, just be thankful you live here.


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