My mom loves watching shows about police officers and firefighters and she is going to freak out when I tell her that the one and only Gordon Clapp who is celebrated for his roles on NYBD Blue and Chicago Fire will be in New Hampshire!

He is prepping to take the stage for an unforgettable performance at The Majestic Theatre, this weekend!

The show is Saturday, September 16th at 7:30pm and Sunday, September 17th at 3:00pm, according to the Majestic. The Majestic theatre is located at 36 Main Street and is a historic spot for the arts.

Gordon is going to offer his creative talents by captivating the audience with a performance in "Robert Frost: This Verse Business with Gordon Clapp,"

According to the Majestic, the show will dive into the works and life of Robert Frost who is an iconic American poet.

The show is pulled from recorded public talks from Robert Frost as well as interviews and it's an interesting glimpse into him as a private and public legend.

It will certainly be an unforgettable experience. So if you want to watch one of your favorite TV stars shine bright on the stage, head on over to see the show!

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