I have an older brother and I want a pet pig. These two things should have little to do with each other but as brothers tend to do, he's torturing me with the fact that he just bought a litter of young pigs for his farm that I didn't even know he had.

I have never really thought about having a pet pig before. I always thought of them as farm animals until recently when i happened to see a video if a little piggy being rescued and the FBI's hunt for the piglet. I started doing research on pigs and their social behavior and learned some pretty interesting things. Pigs are social animals much like dogs.  They are highly intelligent and able to discern between people who are good to them and people who are not. Pigs have great long term memories and love to play.  Pigs can also be manipulative.  According to Lori Marino, a neuroscientist and founder of the Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy, and Christina M. Colvin, a professor at Emory University, pigs have been found to be mentally and socially similar to dogs and chimpanzees. What's not to love?

I told my brother all of these statistics and he replied with these adorable pictures of his new brood of swine.  He's named them Bacon, Ham, Porky etc.  This could be payback. When I was 10 he bought a calf and brought it home.  It was to be the beginning of his dairy farm. I spent my free time with this sweet baby. I fed her and played with her and made sure she was loved. For many years this sweet girl would come whenever I called her name. I essentially made this cow a pet that we had for many years.

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