The last few years have been rough for nearly everyone.  Between the pandemic, the economy, civil unrest, gun violence, and everything else, there is so much negativity in the world.

Sometimes, it is nice to hear (read?) a purely positive story.  One that renews your faith in humanity.

A story like this...

A Reddit user who goes by the handle LumpyDisplay6485 took to the social media platform to say thanks to the stranger that helped them out in a time of need.

According to the post, she left her key FOB and wallet on the roof of the car.  Physics being what they are, the items flew off the roof of the vehicle when the poster drove off.

While we cannot be sure, it sounds like the vehicle was push-to-start.  So, the first indication there was a problem was probably an alert from the vehicle telling them key was no longer in proximity to the vehicle.

Being three hours from home, and traveling with her daughter and dog, they would have had some trouble.  If it is push-to-start, they would be okay until they turned the vehicle off.  It sounds like the Reddit user, when she realized the items were gone, started to retrace the roads she took.  Considering the distance between the exits in that area (at the southern end of  Aroostook County), this was not easy.

Fortunately, someone found the items and put them on top of a pole at I-95 Exit 264.

The poster goes on to explain:

It was about half way on to the entrance ramp there’s like 4 ft tall plastic post/stakes (almost like on a biking trail) maybe every 10 ft and they were hanging off of that. There’s no chance that they magically landed there. The little wooden camera keychain I had was smashed in half and definitely some skid marks on my wallet/fob. I found it on my second time going back around. The exits are so few and far in that neck of the woods, it feels like a miracle they weren’t smashed to pieces by the time I was able to locate them.

So, LumpyDisplay6485, thanks for sharing your story with the internet.  And, to the person who rescued the key and wallet, thanks for giving us a reason to smile.

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