Meet Kyle.  Kyle probably thinks of himself as just an average person.  But, to a little girl named Lucia and her family, he is a true hero.  Kyle went above and beyond the calls of being a good Samaritan and now Lucia's family is asking for the community to pull together for Kyle.  

It's not everyday I open Go Fund Me pages.  But something pulled me to this one.  Here's what I learned about Kyle...

On Sunday 4/9, I was at Fort Williams with my daughter Lucia and her friend Allison. My daughter was climbing on a cliff and got herself into a position where she could not figure out how to get down. After attempting to help her, I soon realized that she was truly scared and unable to do this on her own. I asked a stranger, Kyle, if he would mind coming over and helping me try to get her down. Being a KIND AND CARING HUMAN BEING, Kyle came over. Long story short, Kyle assured Lucia that she should go ahead and that "I won't let you fall". Lucia let go and there was a bit of a tumble. In this fall, KYLE BROKE 2 BONES IN HIS RIGHT LOWER LEG. He is facing surgery tomorrow to place 2 plates in his lower leg and will be out of work for probably 2 months at the least. Kyle is a carpenter and is the sole bread winner for their family. I am reaching out to any and all friends and family to assist in contributing to Kyle and his wife Heather's bills while he is out of work. They have 2 young children and this accident is going to render them without income until Kyle heals.

Wow!  Kyle didn't even know this family.  His heart is big.  Let's help pay it forward.  Lucia's family has put together a Go Fund Me page to help compensate Kyle's income while he is unable to work.

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