Best Places To See Foliage In Maine This Weekend
We're still a few weeks away from peak season, but it's getting closer. If you're headed to the Fryeburg Fair this weekend, a swing on routes 117, 4, 5, and 302 will give you many colors. Still, a run up to Houlton, or the Moosehead region will have the best sights in Maine.…
What Is Your First Sign Of Fall?
The signs of Autumn are all here: All this week, we're giving away tickets to the 199th Skowhegan Fair. Yep, like or not, fair season has arrived! While the temps are recovering for the second half of the week, I caught myself closing the bedroom windows a few nights ago. Aside from rain, they're ge…
Fun Fall Activities To Do On A Crisp Day In Maine
I'll give you a hint and tell you I was telling the truth when I said fall is my favorite season in our contest to win Miranda Lambert tickets! I love the change in the way the air smells and feels more crisp, the vibrant colors that slowly take over the Maine outdoors, and way everyt…
Blow Leaves Off Your Patio With a Drone
This is the time year when leaves are falling all the time and we rake, rake, and rake. Leaves fall in more places than on your yard, if you have a patio, they fall there too. You can rake the leaves on the patio but you will also need to sweep.
Terrific Maine Foliage Season
It looks like it is going to be a terrific fall foliage season in Maine this year. The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry says conditions in the northernmost part of Maine are prime for very low leaf drop and subtle color changes.
The Pros and Cons of Fall
You may have noticed by the bite in the air or the goo in your eyes -- fall is here! We have mixed emotions about this, so we thought we'd treat it like every person we've ever dated and make a thorough pro/con list about it before it never returns our calls anyway.

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