Do you have an Android phone that is sluggish?  Is it constantly warning you that you are "critically low" on storage?  Try this trick!

You may not realize that many of the apps on your phone, especially the ones that involve photos and videos, are constantly saving data.  Photo edits, Undos, etc.  After awhile, these small files start to add up.  The last time I cleared out my Instagram's cache, there was nearly a gigabyte of junk clogging up my phone!

It's easy to get rid of these files.  But, since you have to do it to each app individually, it may take a few minutes.


1 - Click on SETTINGS

2 - Select APPS

3 - Select the appropriate app (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

4 - Click on STORAGE

5 - Click on CLEAR CACHE

Make sure you don't hit CLEAR DATA because that will erase your login information and settings!

It's just that easy!


Additionally, you should also occasionally run OPTIMIZE on your phone.

1 - Click on SETTINGS



You should also hit STORAGE and MEMORY.


Let me know how this works for you!