Regardless of what you believe is causing it, there is no doubt that climate change is happening in New England.  A few decades ago, Maine winters were cold and snowy.  Really snowy.  The temperatures would drop below freezing and stay there.  And, we used to get dumped on with snow.  Yes, there were a few exceptions to that rule, but normally, that is what we got each year between mid-November and early March.

Lately, though, the weather in the winter has been all over the place.  We'll have a week or so of "normal" winter weather followed by some crazy warm temps.  Then, we'll fall back into a deep freeze.  Then, a massive dumping of snow.

For example, this week we'll be getting a "heatwave" followed by a moderate sized snow storm.

According to The Weather Channel, we're going to be fairly warm temperatures on Monday (President's Day) with a high of 49 degrees.  There'll be rain or mixed precipitation on Tuesday.

The "heatwave" is going to really hit us on Wednesday.  That day, it will be mostly cloudy, but we are going to have a high in the MID-60s!  Yep, t-shirt and shorts weather in the middle of February!

Then, on Friday, we're going to get a decent sized snow storm.  Temperatures will be in the teens and it looks like we'll be getting anywhere from 6 inches to 9 inches in the Augusta / Waterville area.

Since it is vacation week for most Maine kids, this weather could be good news.  There'll be something for every kid.  Warm weather for the kids who like to ride their bikes and snow for the ones that like snowball fights and building snow men

Of course, this weather is still a few days out, so it could change.

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