This week, not many people in the Central Maine are in search of the lost connection.  Did you walk by someone and make eye contact, then wished you had asked for their number?  Were you chatting a laundry matt and though you should ask that person out?  That's how Missed Connections work on Craigslist.  So here's this week's...

A trip to CVS in Auburn...ended with a wave
You were in line behind a buddy and I after purchasing a 12 pack of Corona. My buddy liked the cashier and sparked up a conversation, I was the gentleman that stepped aside to let you up to make your purchase, we shared a few words and quick laughs and you walked out.
Shortly after, my buddy and I walked out and he waved and you waved back. I thought you were really cute.
If it's you, reply with pattern your skirt was, what you purchased, or what my buddy and I were talking to the cashier about, or what kind of vehicle you were in when you left.
I know this moment we shared was fleeting, so details may not have been on your mind to remember, so I gave plenty of options to reply with :)
Hope to chat soon!

Ariel...who used to work for Lincare in Gardiner...
Looking for Ariel that worked for Lincare out of Gardiner.
Craigslist says having that one line is too short, so I'm just typing this for fill.

Angie A from Augusta...someone is really searching for you
You used to work for Clearchannel in Augusta. You also worked for the L.L. Bean call center seasonally.
Please reply if you see this. Thanks

DMV in Hospital Street in Augusta...
You were walking out as I was walking in. Tell me what YOU drive. ;) You looked back...I saw your reflection in the glass.

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