Here ya go!  It's short.  It's simple.  It's this week's edition of missed connections. 

Auburn Petco Manager
i think your the store manager i think your incredible and would like to take u out sometime if your single. your eyes smile are perfect. i dont this there is amything not perfect about u

Farmington Laundromat
I've never done this before.....You were wearing bright green Chuck Taylor shoes and I was wearing a black hat. You eventually sat next to me while you waited for your clothes to dry. I wanted to strike up a convo with you but you seemed busy and focused filling out paperwork. I'm kicking myself now for not talking to you.....

Tattooed mom in Target
You are adorable.Sorry I was staring.I was buying the vacuum ( big box,dirty t-shirt). I know this is a Longshot but, if you see this and you're single hmu. I wanted to talk to you but, I think it's tacky for men to "hit" on women in front of their children.

Washington County nurse in Waterville
We talked one said you traveled alot to Waterville for business, and then I lost your email...
Would still like to meet up for morning activities at your hotel!

Rosa in Farmington
I miss you two everyday. It hurts so much to look in through a window and be shut out. I hope you know that I love you guys and I'll always love you guys. I'm always here for you.

Ryan in Bangor with the backwards bugs me
You always wear a backwards cap. And, you know, that style usually bugs me so much. It's how I recognise you, though. In this sea of blank faces I can never recognise. I can always recognise you.


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