I think I'm the only one who actually reads the missed connections section on Craigslist.  Some 'missed connections' are slightly creepy...while some leave you thinking 'awwww, let's set these two up'.  I hope I can help make a connection.

Augusta Girl In Skowhegan - A few years ago
Years ago I was in a store, meeting someone. You came in, I believe you had your daughter with you, you were in Skowhegan visiting your parents. You sat next to me and we talked, you called the store and asked for me, but we couldn't chat. Tell me what I was driving. I've thought about you a lot. Hope this works.

Smitty's Cinema girl looking hot in her jeans
probably wont see this but i hope you do. was at the movies and ordered food but never got it. you were very nice about it but ill say you can forget my food anytime looking like that! you filled those jeans out nice!!

Brunette with fancy scarf at Augusta's BMV
I have over the years , looked at these missed connection posts. I have always wondered if it did bring people together. I saw you today, and it was hard to not stare. It appeared you might have just started working at BMV in Augusta. You are a brunette, mid 40s to early 50s ( I hate guessing ages). You had on a very stylish scarf:) I thought you did smile at me. Maybe it was just wishful thinking. I would love to learn more about you. If your willing to take a chance drop me a line. Who knows what could happen.

Malea in Winslow
Malea you are the cutest thing ever! If you see this please respond, I've been wanting to tell you for a while how I feel girl MUAH

This is more of a WARNING...West Bath Monster
Beware of the West Bath monster. She comes across as sweet and nice. She will lie cheat and steal. her husband has got to be the stupidest guy in the world. She is ruining lives out there.

Home Depot bearded man with duck boots in Waterville...Woof!
Beautiful bearded dude checking out screen doors..Woof! If you want to play hit me up..describe what you were wearing.

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