The Three Stooges performed from 1925 to 1970, a long run for their hallmark physical slapstick humor. Recently, a Stooges film thought lost in a vault fire in 1967 has been found. It was a Three Stooges 17-minute short called ‘Hello Pops’ released by MGM in 1933.

The film was only one of two Stooges shorts that were made in two-color Technicolor. It was found in a shed in Australia by 78 year old film collector Malcolm Smith. He was sorting through his collection of films and came across the 35mm nitrate negative. Vitaphone, a company that preserves old films, took on the job of restoring it and ‘Hello Pops’ was shown at the Film Forum of New York for the first time since 1933.

Here's one my favorite Three Stooges Bits. This is from 1937.

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