You Could Be in a Movie Here in Maine!
We had Damian Veilleux talking about MURDER in our studio yesterday and were we excited!
You see, he and his crew at Catharsis Media are on the verge of filming a dramatic movie right here in Maine and he's going to need YOUR help in a couple of ways!
Want to see yourself on the BIG SCREEN? It co…
Three Stooges Film Thought Destroyed by Fire, Found
The Three Stooges performed from 1925 to 1970, a long run for their hallmark physical slapstick humor. Recently, a Stooges film thought lost in a vault fire in 1967 has been found. It was a Three Stooges 17-minute short called ‘Hello Pops’ released by MGM in 1933.
Johnny Carson Tape Found
Heeeeerrrrrreeeeee’sssss Johnny! We would here that phrase from Ed McMahon every weekday at 11:30 pm when it was time for the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Carson was the night-time king of talk shows watched by millions. Some of the clips and shows from the early years of the…