Tim McGraw knows his childhood wasn't an easy one. After his mom, Betty Trimble, became pregnant with McGraw by future MLB player Tug McGraw when she was a senior in high school, her country star son says she "went through some terrible things early in my life," alluding to both the poverty they experienced and an abusive marriage.

In a new interview with The Blair Garner Show, McGraw opens about about his memories of the abuse his mom suffered. He and his two sisters "saw a lot of that growing up and saw a lot of the black eyes and bloody noses and all that thing around our house," he recalls.

"I got beat up a couple of times trying to get in the middle of it," McGraw admits to Garner, adding that he remembers first trying to intervene and protect his mom when he was in second or third grade. "There was another time that was pretty specific. I was a little older, but it was a situation for sure," he continues.

Now a married father of three, McGraw says his tumultuous childhood left him ready to work hard at being a good husband and father. "It was certainly not the way that I wanted to raise my family," he reflects.

"And that was specific in mind for me from the very beginning when I wanted to start a family. I wanted to do the best I could," McGraw says. He's not perfect, though: "I fail all the time. I mean, gosh, I fail every day as a father, as a husband, as a son, a brother, I always fail. But you always get back up and try harder and the next time and try to learn from it."

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