After a very restless nights sleep last night, I knew there was no way I would be getting thru my day without some assistance.

Assistance from my Arbonne fizz sticks. Assistance from my lovely kids, who are always the first ones to take on a few extra chores each just to help mom out.
And I would really need assistance with dinner.
Now I could have asked my husband to help cook dinner and he more then likely would have just cooked dinner. But if I’m restless at night, then so is he. I made the decision to “support local” and get takeout. I’m sure you’re  like “dannng.. how much can a girl order fast food and take out”?  I’m just gonna say a lot! You and I both probably wouldn’t like the real answer. Haha But hey it’s all worth it because I’m supporting local businesses that make our community thrive!
I called in for some Chinese takeout and enjoyed 15 quiet minutes of me time on my way to pick it up. I came home to the table set with empty cups and plates that were just waiting for a little taste of Chinese food.
Once we each had everything on our plates that our little hearts desired. My daughter Belle reached over and grabbed the bottle of Dr Pepper that I got to go with dinner, but struggled to get the cap off and handed it to her father.
That’s when it happened... as he twisted the cap open to break the carbonation seal, soda went EVERYWHERE and I jumped in panic like an explosion just happened.
I don’t mean like a little mess on the table, I mean a full on volcano of sticky carbonated syrup..  All over the kids. All over the walls, ceiling and table. And you guessed it, all over the Chinese food..
Did we still eat the Chinese food that was covered in Dr.Pepper? Heck yes we did! We ate every bit of it and it was delicious, to be super real with you it even quite possibly tasted better then normal. haha
But you could say just like the Dr. Pepper I’m a bit shaken up! Haha!
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