Chocolate anyone? It seems everyone loves chocolate, especially chocolate candy bars. Time Magazine has chosen their 13 most influential candy bars of all time. They interviewed ‘candy experts and historians’ to determine their list.
The number one most influential candy bar is Kit Kat. It was the first candy bar to become a ‘must have’ worldwide. It led the way for other candy bars to be sold worldwide.

Number two is the Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar followed by…

Number three, the Swiss candy bar Toblerone. It is a triangular chocolate bar that dates back to 1908.

Number four goes to the Nestle Chocolate Bar which was introduced in 1919.

Number five is Snickers. Even though this is the top selling candy bar in the world, it came in fifth.

Number six goes to Chicken Dinner, introduced in 1923; it was a nut-packed candy bar, discontinued in the 1960’s.

Number 7 is Grenada Chocolate and is mostly found in Europe and some in North America.

Number 8 is Scharffen Berger, it is a darker chocolate and was bought by Hershey in 2005.

Number 9 goes to Cadbury Milk Chocolate which has been around since 1897 and was a big influence in the development of the Hershey Bar.

Number 10 is the Nestle Crunch Bar. It uses puffed rice in the bar, which is a cheap add.

Number 11 is the Baby Ruth, named after President Grover Cleveland’s daughter Ruth but was associated more with Babe Ruth the baseball player.

Number 12 belongs to the Milky Way Bar. It was inspired by the Milky Way malted milkshake, the first candy bar to take its inspiration from a dessert.

Number 13 is the Wonka Bar. After the 1971 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Quaker Oats developed the Wonka Bar.