There are only a few days left in January to get your dog registered with your city or town. If you ignore this it could cost you an extra $25.

I will admit, I used to be a dog owner who did not register their dog. Back in the day, CoffeeDog was not registered for MANY years...that was until I learned a few things about it.ShadowDog has never been unregistered.  First of all, it is not a money grab by your community. Most of the minimal fee goes to the State of Maine for things like:
-helping to make sure we have Animal Control Officers and State Humane Agents
-investigations to animal cruelty, enforcing the rules for animal welfare
-caring for sick and injured strays
-it can get your dog back to you if they are lost.

All things I can get behind.

According to, all dogs need to be licensed upon reaching 6 months in the town where it resides. Or after the dog has been with the family for ten days, if adopted. If your dog is fixed, it will cost you $6, and if they are not, it will be $11 if you register in person. The fee is a dollar more if you register your dog online at

If you have any questions about registering your dog with your community and you do not want to go into the office, I suggest you call and see if you can do it by mail or over the phone.

You can also register your dog online at It does cost a dollar more, but hey, that is still easy peasy. Not every Maine community takes part so check it out for yourself.

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