That's the question.

Yesterday, Chad, Anderson and I went to his brother, Nate and sister-in-law Sheri's house for dinner, the kids to play together and a little hot tubbing.

It was SO relaxing...

After being in there for a half hour, we DEFINITELY want one. But can we afford it and is it a good expense in this economy?

Oh, sure, it would be great to spend the night in the hot tub relieving the aches and pains and soothing the muscles after a long hard day of work. But what's the cost?

Around $5000 for a used one...$8000 for a new one. Plus, you have to figure in the cleaning supplies, the water (for those of you that don't have a well) and the electricity to keep it hot.

Is it worth it? Is it affordable? I guess if you make the money you don't have to worry about those things but for the little guy, like us, we have to think much harder and look at the household budget a lot closer.