Okay, I normally do not judge people on driving because I am typically not the greatest driver. BUT I do know one thing about the rules of the road. When the stoplight turns yellow, that means, SLOW DOWN SO YOU DON'T KILL YOUR LOCAL RADIO DJ. When the stoplight is red, THAT MEANS YOU STOP YOUR FREAKING CAR.

I was turning onto western avenue out of the car dealerships this weekend after getting my car washed. I was at a stoplight and when my light turned green I sneezed. When I recovered from my sneeze, a lifted truck BARRELED through the intersection clearly running a red light, if I hadn't sneezed, he would've smacked right into me.

Honestly my heart was racing at that moment, because some jackass decided that him making the light was more important than another humans life, I could have died. I hope you are reading this because I hope you know you need to slow down at yellow, and stop at red. Next time, a sneeze might happen for them.

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