Most of us have lived through the passing of at least a few of our favorite celebrities.  Many of them passed away far too soon, like Joe Diffie, Michael Jackson, Betty White, and Bob Saget, to name a few.

Even though most of us would agree that every death is a tragedy, the passing we learned about this morning hit most country fans a lot harder.

Many of us woke up to the news that country legend Toby Keith had passed away at the age of 62.

He had been battling stomach cancer for several years.  However, because he had been well enough to do a series of Las Vegas concerts, we assumed that he was kicking cancer's butt and would soon be back on the road.

Sadly, this was not the case.

As we all try to deal with his unexpected passing, we have started hearing stories about the interactions he had with people during his visits to Maine.

For example, before his performance at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion (now known as the Maine Savings Amphitheater) in Bangor in July of 2016, he made a visit to a local pizza place.

The day before the show, Toby and his crew reportedly stopped at Angelo's Pizzeria in Bangor.  Our sister station, Q106, had a chance to interview Ashley, one of the restaurant's workers.  She explained that, even though they were pretty sure the man they were waiting on was Toby Keith, it took a brave employee asking him to confirm it.

Hoja Studio / Unsplash
Hoja Studio / Unsplash

During the interview, Ashley explained that his crew ordered a meatball sub and a bunch of slices of pizza.

While he was in the area, Toby Keith also reportedly took in a round of golf.

Check out the entire interview here:

Do you have any memories of Toby Keith that you want to share with us?  Send us a message inside our app.

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