In case you didn't (5/28/19) is National Burger Day 2019! Here's a few of the deals we know about, feel free to add any that you know about that we didn't list.

Dairy Queen is setting you up free burgers in honor of the holiday. The cool thing about this deal is it lasts through Friday (5/31)...You do need the DQ app to get in on this deal but once you have it, just order a malt or shake through the app, and you'll get comp'd a free burger anytime from May 28 to May 31!

Wendy's has $4 meal-deal combos available for everyone ...all day!.

Burger King use an old BK receipt to take the online feedback survey in exchange for a free Whopper coupon all day today, May 28!

 Ruby Tuesday  is celebrating with The Burger Jackpot score prizes, including free burgers, a grand prize trip to Las Vegas and free Ruby Tuesday for a year.
Happy National Burger Day 2019!

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