Normally, when 2 dogs are barking to be let outside it's to chase a squirrel or use the restroom. When Lonnie Chesters dogs woke him up at 4:30 in the morning, the situation was much more dire. He tells Sunny Skyz the dogs were pulling on his sleeves which is something they'd never done, practically dragging him to the door. Before he could even open the door all the way the dogs bolted outside, when he finally caught up to them they were by his truck comforting an 80 year old woman who was freezing wearing just a nightgown.

With temperatures at the time being around 9 degrees all she could manage to say was "i'm cold." Immediately he called rescue crews who came to take the woman away. Her family showed up and said they were unable to find her in the near darkness. She is said to be making a full recovery and all credit goes to those 2 dogs.

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