Milwaukee Admiral PC Labrie got a call at 2 am saying his girlfriend's water had broken and she was on her way to the hospital to deliver their baby. Normally that would be incredibly exciting news, unfortunately for P C, he was in Grand Rapids, Michigan and had no way to get there due to the massive snowfall. No flights, nor cabs were heading that way and he felt like he was out of options.

In steps his teammate Mark Zenderle, who was told of his situation and knew someone who could help, the opponent's goalie Tom McCollum. Tom did not hesitate to offer his truck to the player. Labrie got in the truck and rushed to the hospital hoping to see the birth of his child. He arrived at the hospital at 6:15, his son was born at 6:54.

McCollum only asked one thing from Labrie, return the truck with gas in it, and Labrie obliged and even got the car washed as well.

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