THIS, this is a story that is difficult to write, and at the same time, a story that needs to be told. It starts with tragedy, 2 parents, Nicole and Brent Keryluke, went for a motorcycle ride together back in May when they were struck and killed by a passing truck leaving behind 2 small children ages 6 and 3. Now both children, Liam and Arielle have severe hearing impairments requiring expensive hearing aids and trips from Alberta to Calgary for treatment, which of course costs a lot of money.

The children now live with their grandparents who had trouble finding the money for their treatment when they decided to make the tough choice of selling their sons prize 1973 Pontiac Parisienne. Brent had been fixing the car up for years and they didn't want to sell it but they had no choice. But this is about what happened at the auction.

The people at the auction heard the story and were moved to tears. The first person who got the car paid $30,000 for it, then astounded the grandparents by donating it back. Another person won the new auction paying another $30,000, then HE donated it to be auctioned off again. The 3rd person stepped forward and purchased the car for $20,000. After he got the keys, he went over to the grandfather and handed him the keys, giving the vehicle back to the family.

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