Polls for the upcoming college football season vary as to which teams are in the top 5 this year. CBS Sports has a different opinion than the AP poll, USA Today is a little different than CBS, so let’s take a look.

In all the preseason college football polls they did agree on two things, who #1 and #2 are: Florida State is #1 and Alabama is #2, after that they don’t agree.

AP has Oregon at #3, Oklahoma at #4 and Ohio State at #5.

ESPN agrees with the AP poll #1 through #5.

CBS Sports has Oklahoma at #3, Oregon at #4 and Auburn at #5.

USA Today agrees with the CBS Poll #1 through #5.

This year is the first year there will be a playoff system to determine the National Championship.The top four teams will play for the chance to make it to the big game. As far as who will win the title your guess is as good as anybody’s. USA Today has an online vote to see who college football fans think will win the title. Of the teams in the top 5 Alabama has 19%of the vote so far. Florida State has 17%, Oregon comes in at 11 and Oklahoma has 5%. The majority of the vote, 48%, has gone with ‘another team’.