Just like Santa, this is the busiest time of the year for our TSA security workers.  Between a few days before Thanksgiving and a few days after New Years, they are slammed.  Not only are they dealing with people who are traveling for work, they are dealing with millions more (nationwide) who are traveling to spend the Holidays with family.

God bless them for all they do and all they have to deal with!

Like the people who think it is a good idea to try to bring weapons on their flight, for example.

According to WGME, TSA officers discovered and confiscated a homemade firearm and a hatchet during a screening at the Portland Jetport on Wednesday afternoon.

Officers say it is the third firearm they have confiscated this year.

Of course, it should be obvious that you cannot bring firearms on board a plane in your carry on, regardless of whether you made the weapon or not.  But, what else can you not bring on a plane?

According to the TSA website, some of the items you cannot bring on a plane in your carry on include aerosol insecticide, ammo, aces, baseball bats, bear spray, blasting caps (you should probably leave ALL explosives home), cast iron cookware, cutting boards, and engine powered equipment.  Actually, the website has hundreds of items and a note on whether they can be packed in a carry one or packed in checked baggage.

Check out the list HERE

So, why do they have such a lengthy list?  It is probably like those really dumb warnings on products (WARNING Do not use hair dryer in the shower, for example) - it is on the list because someone has tried to bring it on a plane.

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