A true Mainer has a certain dialect and accent about them. This article from Only In Your State brings up a few words Mainers use differently. Other than the usual 'wicked' and 'upta camp', what phrases and words do Mainers use a little differently?

1. Yut - Yes!

2. Down cellah - Another word for the basement.

3. Nippy - This means it's cold outside. This word is applicable for the better half of the year here in Maine.

4. Numb - Unless referring to fingers being frozen by the harsh Maine winter, this is an insult toward someones intelligence.

5. Stove up - This is usually in reference to some kind of motorized vehicle and essentially means banged up, broken, or bruised.

6. Ahnt (aunt), aht (art), theah (there), heah (here), backyahd (backyard).... pretty much anything with an 'r' will sound like it's spelled with an 'ah' when you're talking to a true Mainer.

7. Beatah - An old truck or vehicle, most likely unregistered and unlikely able to pass inspection, which is used for muddin' or haulin'.

8. Biguns - 'Big One': "Didja catch any fish?" "Yut, caught a couple biguns this mornin'!"

9. Bummah - To receive news and be very disappointed by it. For example: "Kate can't come out with us tonight.", "Aww bummah..."

10. Bun in the oven - This is a phrase used to describe a pregnant woman. Funny enough I discovered this same phrase is also used in both Italy and Sweden, while the Danish refer to cake instead of bun.

11. Crittah - A small animal... squirrel, rat, chipmunk, raccoon, etc.

12. Same difference - For some reason instead of saying 'no difference', Mainers say same difference.

13. Dink - A synonym for jerk or prick.

14. Huck or Chuck - To throw something with a lot of force.

15. The pit - This refers to a place where young people tend to have a fire or gather for some underage drinking.

16. Mud Season - To Mainers, there's no such thing as spring. Straight after winter comes mud season, followed by summah.

17. Gum rubbahs - These are rubber boots or those used in sticky situations usually involving deep water or mud.

18. Lie-berry - Most Mainers don't pronounce 'r's, so to ask them to pronounce two in the same word is ridiculous. As a consequence, library is usually pronounced lie-berry.

19. Unthaw - Now, this just makes no sense because to unthaw something would mean to freeze it. However, to Mainers unthaw most inherently means to thaw.

20. Sled - Another word for a snowmobile

Find a whole glossary awaiting you from The Wicked Good Guide To Mainah English. Share with us some of your favorite Mainer saying that I'm forgetting!

Getty Images, Christopher Furlong
Getty Images, Christopher Furlong

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