You may not have heard much about it but The University of Maine Black Bears baseball season is in full swing. This early in the season they play in the South because of the snow here.

The Black Bears are 5-4 so far in this young season. They tied history by playing in the longest game in Maine baseball history. On Sunday Maine beat St. Bonaventure 5 to 4 in 18 innings. The last time Maine played an 18 inning game was in 1983 when they beat Providence 5 to 4.

Maine scored in the top half of the 18th and St Bonaventure had a chance in the bottom of the inning with a man on third but a squeeze play failed.

The two teams were scheduled to play today (Monday) but because neither team has a rested pitcher (after the 18 inning game) they will play tomorrow (Tuesday).



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