Here we are again, 2 games left in football, 1 of which serves no purpose. The Pro Bowl and Super Bowl are all we have left til the Draft and preseason. Now the Championship games are not without controversy, every year a team is "screwed out of games" because of the refs. While some times they're more blatant than others, other times they're just angry fans reacting.

NFC Game: Rams 26-Saints 23.

A great game on both sides of the ball, one veteran lead team vs a young buck trying to make a name for himself. Do I feel the Saints were screwed out of a win because of one missed call? No, both sides of the ball had terrible missed calls. One of which featured a Saints player literally jumping on a Rams player. I also don't think 1 bad call should change the outcome of a game. If your team relies on 1 kick to win, then you didn't do enough. That's just how I feel. If the game is close, then there's no one to blame but yourself. A football game is 4, 15 minute quarters. If at the end of the game you get a missed call causing your team to lose, then you didn't deserve to win that game because there were 3 other quarters where you could have done better, scored more, not made mistakes. And finally, it literally affects no one else, but the players and staff for the Saints, and the fact that people are literally DESTROYING PROPERTY OVER THE LOSS OF A FOOTBALL GAME, is childish and just plain sad. They're acting like Drew Brees was gonna show up to their house with a ring saying "you earned this, thanks for all you did yesterday"

AFC Game: Patriots 37-Chiefs 31

THIS was an amazing game. I have no complaints, 2 great teams taking each other on with one barely edging ahead in the end. The greatest all time VS the best young quarterback in the league. A lot of people have a problem with the way extra time is handled, but I think it brings excitement to the game. All in all, it was an exciting game. The Chiefs should be proud of what they accomplished this season.

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