We're done with the AFC, now we move to the opposite side of things, which teams are going all the way for the NFC?

NORTH: I'm gonna make a very difficult choice here and say, the Packers are winning this year. After coming in 3rd last year, I think they're gonna win. I don't think Kirk Cousins is a Super Bowl caliber quarterback, and I don't trust Mitch Trubiski.

Green Bay Packers: 10-6

Chicago Bears: 8-8

Minnesota Vikings: 7-9

Detroit Lions: 4-12

EAST: honestly, cowboys or eagles are going to win, they're practically the same team. Quarterback that gets rave ratings but hasn't delivered, decent defense, known coach, insane fan base. I'm going with the eagles but barely.

Philadelphia 11-5

Dallas Cowboys: 9-7

Washington Redskins: 4-12

NY Giants: 2-14

WEST: Rams are still the most dangerous team in this division. Seahawks haven't been too much of a threat in 3 years. 9er's could be interesting if Garoppolo stays healthy. But the Cardinals aren't that big of a deal, MAYBE one more win at home.

St. Louis Rams: 13-3

Seattle Seahawks: 9-7

San Francisco 49'ers: 8-8

Arizona Cardinals: 5-12

SOUTH: Saints win.

New Orleans Saints: 11-5

Carolina Panthers-7-9

Atlanta Falcons: 7-9

Tampa Bay Bucaneers: 4-12


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