Christmas present buying is at crunch time now but you still should put some thought into the present and who it for. What do they like, what would they actually use. There are a lot of unwanted gifts that are bought during this time of the year and according from years past, here are the gifts people hope not to receive.

Unwanted gifts are about a billion dollar industry. Every year gifts that are given the get the reaction, 'oh, thanks', are the ones most people don't want and end up in the 're-gifting' pile. Of course, they are just passing on the unwanted gift to someone else that doesn't want it.

One of the most unwanted gifts last year, ‘photo frames’, in particular digital photo frames, although a plain frame is probably worse.

‘Novelty Gifts’, like Big Mouth Billy Bass, while a fun gag gift for someone’s birthday not a Christmas gift.

‘Coasters’, this would be an O.K. house warming gift but to wrap and put under the tree…really?

‘Comedy Christmas Clothing” like a tie with snowflakes or a sweater with a big Santa face. If they’re that much into Christmas, let them buy it for themselves.

‘Practical Houseware Item’s’, like an iron or ironing board, toaster or can opener. Higher end items are better like a microwave, washer/dryer or dishwasher.

With a little thought and probing, finding the right present isn’t too hard. To me though, any gift is a 'gift' and someone had to go through the trouble to get it for you.